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The Objective Infinitive construction Complex object

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The Objective Infinitive construction Complex object

«Объективтік септік инфинитивпен» немесе «кҥрделі толықтауыш» қҧрылымы ағылшын тілінде кейбір етістіктерден кейін бағыныңқылы сӛйлемдердің орнына қолданылады. Ол объектік септіктегі есімдіктің немесе жалпы септіктергі зат есіммен инфинитивтің байланысы арқылы беріледі.

Мына етістіктерден кейін object + infinitive қолданылады:

  • advise: She advised me to wait until tomorrow.

  • allow: She allowed me to use her car.

  • ask: I asked John to help us.

  • beg They begged us to come.

  • cause: Her laziness caused her to fail.

  • challenge: She challenged me to race her to the corner.

  • convince: I couldn‟t convince him to accept our help.

  • dare: He dared me to do better than he had done.

  • encourage: He encouraged me to try again.

  • expect: I expect you to be on time.

  • forbid: I forbid you to tell him.

  • force: The forced him to tell the truth.

  • hire: She hired a boy to mow lawn.

  • instruct: He instructed them to be careful.

  • invite: Harry invited the John sons to come to his party.

  • need: We needed Chris to help us figure out the solution.

  • order: The judge ordered me to pay a fine.

  • permit: He permitted the children to stay up late.

  • persuade: I persuaded him to come for a visit.

  • remind: She reminded me to lock the door.

  • require: Our teacher requires us to be on time.

  • teach: My brother taught me to swim.

  • tell: The doctor told me to take these pills.

  • urge: I urged her to apply for the job.

  • want: I want you to be happy.

  • warn: I warned you not to drive too fast.

Prefer, would rather, had better

prefer + noun / - ing+ to + noun / - ing

Жалпы қалауды білдіреді

  1. I prefer biology to history.

  2. I prefer reading English texts to speaking in English.

would prefer + full infinitive + rather

than (+bare/full infinitive)

Қалауды білдіреді

a) I’d rather to have the lessons on Wednesday

rather than (to) have it on

Tuesday, if that‟s possible.

would rather + bare infinitive + than

(+bare infinitive)

Жалпы қалауды білдіреді

a) I‟d rather have the

lessons on Wednesday than

(have it) on Tuesday, if possible.

Would rather + sb + past simple / past continuous

Қалауды білдіру (біреуге қатысты)

a) I‟d rather you didn‟t sit next to me.

had better + bare infinitive

Кеңес беру

a) You’d better ask your

parents if you can come on the school trip.


Put the verbs to the right form: 1. Don‟t forget _______ the letter I gave you.

  1. Jill has decided not __________ a car.

  2. There was a lot of traffic but we managed _____________ to the airport in time.

  3. We were all afraid to speak. Nobody dared ________ anything.

  4. It was a nice weather, so we decided __________ for a walk. 6. He‟s learning __________ (cook) Chinese food.

7. Do not forget _______ (let) the cat out tonight. 8. I‟d love ________ (travel) around the world.

  1. We stopped _________ (rest) because we were tired.

  2. Max hopes ________ (go) to Bolivia next summer

2. Put the verbs to the right form:

  1. I‟ve never been to Australia, but I‟d like _______ go there.

  2. They don‟t allow people __________ (park) in front of the building.

  3. The film was very sad. It made me _______ (cry).

  4. I don‟t recommend _________ in that restaurant. The food it‟s terrible. (eat).

  5. She said the letter was personal and wouldn‟t let me ______

(read) it.

  1. Let me ________ (carry) your bag for you.

  2. Pauline couldn‟t manage ________ (eat) all the ice cream.

  3. She wishes ________ (come) with us.

  4. She threatened ___________ (tell) my parents.

  5. I hate ___________ (make) silly mistakes.

3. Put the verbs to the right form: - ing, infinitive.

  1. Sometimes I regret _________ (move) to this part of the country.

  2. I really miss (play) __________ tennis like I used to.

  3. It‟s not worth (buy) ___________ a second hand bicycle. 4. I promise I won‟t forget (feed) _______ the car.

  1. If you got a headache, try (take) ________ an aspirin.

  2. We‟ve arranged (meet) ________ outside the school at 4.30.

  3. Did you notice anyone (wait) ________ outside when you left?

  4. Rustem pretended (not notice) _______ the “No parking” sign.

  5. Aynur prefers (walk) ____________ to work.

  6. We enjoy (play) ________ piano.

Павлодар облысы,ақтоғай ауданы,балтасап ауылы
Сұрау есімдіктері
The verb – етістік
An activity that is in progress at the moment
An action that began and ended at a specific time in the past
Ann action that began in the past and continues in the present -
A past action that occurred before another action in the past
The lexicology - лексика

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