Est your english. Тест №1 Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие за ним вопросы, выбрав единственно правильный

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English test
3. Выбрать правильную форму слова.

1.His illness was … than we first thought.

a)serious b)more serious c)the most serious

2.After her husband had gone to work and the children … to school, Mrs. Richards went upstairs.

a)had sent b)were sent c)had been sent

3.I'll get dinner ready when I … reading this book.

a)shall finish b)finish c)am finishing

4.We … them since they moved here a year ago.

a)know b)knew c)have known

5.I … very fast when the accident happened.?

a)wasn't driving b)didn't drive c)hadn't driven

6.How many cigarettes … a day?

a)have you smoked b)do you smoke c)are you smoking

7.We didn't go out because it … .

a)rained b)was raining c)is raining

8.What do you think she will say? She … nothing.

a)will probably say b)won't probably say c)says

9.She … a box of chocolate on her birthday.

a)was given b)gave c)has given

10.When the accident happened … nobody in the car.

a)there is b)there wasn't c)there was

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