Est your english. Тест №1 Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие за ним вопросы, выбрав единственно правильный

Перевести с русского на английский

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English test
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6.Перевести с русского на английский

  1. Жена спросила буду ли я обедать дома или у Джексонов.

  2. Если бы я был на твоем месте, я никогда бы не возвращался

  3. Если ты разрешишь, я объясню ему ситуацию.

  4. Мне кажется, что Анне предложат эту работу.

  5. По графику поезд должен прибыть в 7 часов.

7.Окончить предложения

  1. Не will certainly earn more …

  2. After he had worked for many years …

  3. I cannot do the ironing as …

  4. I asked them where …

  5. Though her flat is very large …

8. Заполнить пропуски необходимой формой данных слов

Sister Swartz was anxious … Mabel. She couldn't understand what … to her, why she looked unhappy. Mabel had changed … She had become silent. Sister Swartz was eager to find out what was the matter … her. But Mabel … anything and that upset the mother … great deal. She had … right to know what was wrong with her daughter, hadn't she? She looked at … again. The girl … the food.

about / with / the / lately / so / to touch / to happen / not to say / a / she /

1.Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие за ним вопросы, выбрав единственно правильный вариант ответа.

Mrs. Bertie did not think of the risk she was taking when she ran through a forest after two men. They had rushed up to her while she was having a picnic at the edge of a forest with her children and tried to steal her handbag. In the struggle the strap of the bag broke and the two men started running through the trees with the bag in their pos­session.

Mrs. Bertie got so angry that she ran after them. She was soon out of breath , but she continued to run. She caught up with them. They were sitting on the ground and were going through the content of the bag. Mrs. Bertie ran straight at them. Both of those men got such a fright that they dropped the bag and ran away. The strap only needed mending.

  1. What were the thieves doing in the forest?

  1. They were having a picnic there.

  2. They were running through the trees to lose weight.

  3. They were trying to steal Mrs. Bertie's handbag.

  1. What happened to the bag?

    1. The thieves took the contents of the bag out of it and ran away.

    2. It was left on the ground empty.

    3. The strap of the bag broke in the struggle.

  2. Why did Mrs. Bertie come to the forest?

    1. She came there to catch the thieves.

    2. She had lost her bag there and came to find it.

    3. She wanted to have a good time and eat something.

  3. How did she feel when running after the thieves?

    1. She stopped breathing.

    2. She was breathing with difficulty.

    3. She wasn't breathing

  4. What did Mrs. Bertie do after the thieves had stolen her bag?

    1. She stayed with her children.

    2. She caught the thieves at once.

    3. She followed the thieves and got her bag back.

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