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Английский язык - Технологии и инновации (1)

This is the type of technology which is used by 
people with disabilities to accomplish specific tasks 
which seem to be difficult or impossible to perform. 
This technology is being used in schools to help stu-
dents with Autism to learn better, it is used to help 
people with disabled bodies’ move, speech recogni-
tion application help people who can’t type with a 
keyboard to use a computer and so much more. Due 
to advancement in technology, we have a variety of 
technologies which can aid you to accomplish any-
thing which might seem difficult. 

This is a system that uses technical means to 
transmit information or data from one place to another 
or from one person to another. It is used for many pur-
poses: to convey ideas, exchange information and ex-
press emotions. Humans use technology tools like 
phones, computers, emails, fax, text messaging tools 
to stay in touch with friends and family, then, busi-
nesses use this technology tools to facilitate the flow 
of information in a workplace, to help in decision 
making , to serve customers needs and requests, to 
promote new products or services to targeted consum-
ers and so much more. 
This is a process of using various technological 
components to create an amusement experience. 
Technology is used to build theaters; it is used to cre-
ate video games, to develop musical systems and so 
much more. This technology includes things like vid-
eo, sound, automation, animations, scenery fabrica-
tion, computer simulations. 

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