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Eating in and out

Nowadays, people tend to be busy and have little or even no time to eat healthily and regularly. Some people cook at home and take food to work or school in special lunch boxes. However, most people prefer eating out during their lunch breaks.

Fortunately, there is a great variety of restaurants now and we may try numerous dishes of different cuisines. There are Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Russian and many other kinds of restaurants. But the most popular ones are considered to be fast food restaurants.

Fast food restaurants and cafes offer cheap dishes, good service and save a lot of time. Moreover, people like such kind of food. They find it tasty and filling. In addition, fast food restaurants attract clients making special offers which make people buy more and spend less.

Nevertheless, people love eating out also during their leisure time. They get together with family or friends, go on dates and choose a place to their liking where they can eat their favourite food or try something exotic and spend time with their loved ones.

On the one hand eating out may be useful and pleasant. We have an opportunity to eat differently and feel closer to faraway countries and cultures trying their typical food. On the other hand, it is not always healthy to eat in restaurants, especially in those with fast food. Eating on the run can affect negatively our health and general state.

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