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on this topic: Complete the sentences

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on this topic:

Complete the sentences.

I l i k e ...

M y f r i e n d l i k e s ...

M y m u m l i k e s ...

M y d a d l i k e s ...

Answer my questions: Do you like noodles (water, curry, red ...)?

Ask questions each other: Do you like ...

The effectiveness of the use of video materials in English lessons was investigated by me on the example of 9 classes. Education in these classes is conducted in the 9th grade teaching and methodic complex “New Millenium English” (authors: OP Groza, OB Dvoretskaya). The CMD consists of: a book for a student, a book for a teacher, a workbook, and audio tapes for work in the classroom. The topics of texts and assignments meet the needs and interests of students of the stated age. Much attention is paid to the formation of such integral skills as discussion, participation in debates and disputes, work in a small group, conflict resolution, etc.

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