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In group 9 "a" class, on average, each student gave 16 correct answers out of 28, which was 57%. In group 9 "b" class - 18 correct answers, this is 64%. The results are shown in the table.

According to the results of the test slice, it is clear that the topic “Present Perfect” was not well understood by the students. Therefore, to increase the level of knowledge on this topic, I used authentic materials in group 9 "a" class and the traditional form of a lesson in group 9 "B class".

In group 9 "a" class the lesson was built as follows:

Organizational moments.

Check homework

Explaining the grammatical structure of Present Perfect Tense using Anglo-link video [Appendix 2].

Discussion of the material seen, focus on the main points.

Task performance, discussion of results.

Work with the magazine “Hot English”, consolidating the material covered [Appendix 1].


In group 9 "b" class the lesson was built differently:

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