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Video materials in teaching English

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1.3 Video materials in teaching English
The use of video materials as effective sources of foreign language communication makes it possible to simplify and improve the process of mastering speech communication. Video materials used in the educational process are considered to be effective when they correspond to the content of the lesson.

The main difficulty in learning a foreign language is to develop the skills and abilities of listening and speaking. And undoubtedly, the use of video materials is of great help in this. The main purpose of the video materials is to improve the learning process, accelerate the rhythm, speed, speech dynamics in general, which cannot be said about the practice of learning without using video.

The use of video is based mainly on visual perception. It includes both inductive and deductive ways of learning, different degrees of independence and cognitive activity of students, there are various ways to control the cognitive process.

Modern video tools allow you to emphasize, highlight the most important places, thereby creating favorable conditions for learning not only the video sequence, but also its structure.

The effectiveness of the use of video materials depends on several factors: the personal skill of the teacher, the quality of materials and technical devices, the structuredness of the educational process, etc. The teacher must first of all be able to use the technical means and the video materials presented to them.

Of course, the use of video materials can facilitate the work of the teacher himself, taking on some of the teaching functions: asking questions, dictating, telling, etc. However, you need to understand that video will never replace the teacher completely, the video materials used should not violate the integrity of the curriculum.

The use of video materials in foreign language lessons allows us to solve two problems in the field of student motivation:

1). The development of self-motivation is when the video material is interesting in itself.

2). The development of motivation abilities is when a student is shown that he can understand the language he is learning.

All this gives confidence and desire to cultivate, and of course, the satisfaction of the process itself. The main thing is that students receive this satisfaction from understanding the language, and not just from a good and exciting video.

The use of video in teaching a foreign language is based on the principle of clarity. In this case, the teacher should be able to introduce students to the area of the problems studied, guide their activities, provide individual assistance in the process of independent work.

Based on the above, we can say that the use of video materials in the educational process allows you to:

-provide students with more reliable information about the process being studied, phenomena;

-increase the role of visibility in the educational process;

-satisfy the interests and desires of modern students;

- to free the teacher from some technical work related to the control or correction of knowledge;

-organize complete and systematic control;

-to adjust effective feedback.

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