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Organizational moments. Check homework

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Organizational moments.

Check homework

Explaining the grammatical structure of Present Perfect Tense, using the CMD.

Revealing highlights

Stages of working with video material
“Window on Britain. Homes”

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aer25j2IlYY

Class 5

CMB: Bykova N.I., Duli D., Pospelova MD,

Evans V. “English in Focus”, Grade 5

Subject: A Typical English House

Aim: Familiarize yourself with typical English home.

Planned results

Item Skills:

- ability to use lexical units in a given situation;

- the ability to use There is / are structures;

- the ability to use verb like in combination with a form of gerund;

- the formation of motivation to learn English and the desire for self-improvement;

- awareness of the possibilities of self-realization by means of a foreign language;

- development of such qualities as dedication, creativity, initiative.

Regulatory CRAs:


- the ability to make descriptive messages for a given situation;

-the ability to systematize and summarize the knowledge gained.

- evaluation of the correctness of performance learning task and its own solutions.


- selection, synthesis and fixation required information;

- analysis of objects in order to highlight the signs;

- independent creation of ways to solve creative and search problems


- conscious construction of his utterance in accordance with the communicative task, as well as in accordance with the grammatical and syntactic norms of the language.


- planning educational cooperation with peers - definition of the goal, participants' functions, ways of interaction;

- the ability to express your thoughts in accordance with the tasks and conditions of communication.

Pre-demo stage.

1. Motivation of students and familiarization with the tasks of the post-demonstration stage.

Demonstration stage. View video clip. Watching time - 05:26

Post-demonstration stage. Execution of tasks.

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