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Thesis consists of an introduction, two chapters, conclusion, list of references and

The introduction justifies the relevance of the research topic, purpose, tasks, object, subject, explains the choice of language material, theoretical significance and practical value, lists research methods and describes the structure of the work.

The first chapter is theoretical, it covers issues related to the psychological characteristics of middle school age, the main ways of developing lexical skills, factors of mastering foreign language vocabulary by middle schoolchildren and the disclosure of the concept of gaming techniques.

The second chapter is devoted to our experiment, which was to conduct training sessions on the thematic block “Healthy and Unhealthy Habits” using game techniques to form lexical skills.

The aim of the work was to study the effect of the game on the formation of lexical skills among middle school students in an English class.

The problem of using video materials has been studied since the last century, but even today this issue remains relevant, as the world is improving, and with it the technical means used in teaching and the approach of teachers and students themselves are improving.

In the course of our research, we solved the following tasks: - studied and analyzed the scientific and methodological literature on the research topic;

- a lesson and a test for the lesson were developed to identify the level of mastering educational material;

- The effectiveness of the use of video in foreign language lessons, on a specific experimental example.

Thus, we can draw conclusions:

The use of video materials in teaching foreign language allows you to solve the following tasks:-to make the lesson more interesting for students, which in turn will have a positive impact on the motivation of students to learn the language;

Allow us to accelerate the pace of the lesson and the quality of the information provided, which in turn will free up time for individual work with students and their independent work;

Will facilitate the work of both the teacher and the students;

- And in a complex, all this will allow us to improve the quality of student performance.But it should not be forgotten that the video should be given in doses, and in no case can it replace the teacher himself.

After all, it is the interaction of the teacher and the students that will allow to solve the most important task of education: to teach and educate.

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