Сабақтың тақырыбы: Жыл мезгілдері. Мақсаты: білімділік: "Жыл мезгілдері"

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Сабақтың тақырыбы: Жыл мезгілдері.

Мақсаты: білімділік:  “Жыл мезгілдері” туралы таныс лексиканы қолданып, грамматикалық ережелерді ескере монолог сөйлеуге үйрену;

дамытушылық: оқушылардың логикалық ойлау, есте сақтау , шығармашылық ой жүйріктігін дамыту;

  • тәрбиелік: оқушылардың тілге қызығушылығын қолдау, дамыту.

1. Ұйымдастыру кезеңі. 1*30

Кезекшімен сұқбат:

Who is on duty today?

What is the date today?
What day of the week is it today?
What was your hometask for today?
What is the weather like today?

Ауа-райы туралы:

“The weather is fine. It is not very cold today. The sky is grey. The sun is not shining. There are many clouds in the sky. It is not snowing. It is not raining. It is windy, but the wind is not strong. It is winter now, so the trees and bushes are bare.”

2. “Жыл мезгілдері” туралы сыныппен әңгіме.

* What season is it now?

How many seasons do you know? Name them.

* I know a short poem about one season. I’ll recite this poem. Try to guess what season this poem is about.

This is the season

When mornings are dark.
And birds do not sing
In the woods and the park.
This is the season
When children ski.
And Grandfather Frost

Brings the New Year Tree.

  • This poem is about winter.

  •  Why do you think so?

  •  In winter birds do not sing, children ski, Grandfather Frost brings the New Year Tree.

  •  In what season do you have the longest holidays?

  • Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?

* And now I want you to listen to a story with a name “A house in the country”.

2*30 Тақырыппен жұмыс

Listen to the story. Think of a title and of an end for it.

Bob’s family has got a small but very nice country house. The place is beautiful there. There is a forest and a lake near the house. They’ve got a garden with different fruit trees. Bob’s father enjoys gardening. Bob and his little sister Liz often help their parents work in the garden.

Last summer the family didn’t go to the sea and the summer in the country. Every morning Bob went to the lake to swim and to fish.

One morning, as usual, Bob went to the lake to fish. Soon his pail was full of fish. The weather was fine. The sun was high up in the sky. Bob was terribly hot. He thought: “I’ll swim in the lake before I go home. I’ll take the fish home and ask Mum to cook fish soup. Mum will be happy.”

Bob swam and played in the lake for a long time.

When he got out of the water, there was no fish in the pail...

2. Түсінгендерін тексеру.

а). Listen to the sentences and say if they are true or not. If they are not true correct them.

* Bob’s family has got a small house near the sea.

 No. They’ve got a house near the lake.

* There is a forest and a lake near the house.


* They’ve got a garden with different fruit trees.


* Bob and his sister don’t help their parents work in the garden.

No. They help their parents.

б). Сұраққа жауап беру.

* Where did the family spend last summer?

In the country house.

* Where did Bob go every morning?

He went to the lake to fish and swim.

* How was the weather one morning when Bob went to the lake to fish?

It was very hot.

* Was there fish in the pail when Bob went out of the water?

No, there wasn’t.

* And what happened? Give your ends of the story.

Оқушылар мәтін бойынша сөйлейді.

Сабақтың аяқталуы

Let’s sum our lesson up. At this lesson you remembered different seasons and different holidays we celebrate in these seasons. You sang songs and recited your own poems about the seasons. At least you listened to the short story and gave your own ends to it. I liked your work at the lesson very much and I give you good marks . The lesson is over. Good-bye.
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