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Lab2 Берікқызы Шұғыла

Lab2. Computer systems
1. Vocabulary

Цифровая клавиатура

Буквенно-цифровые клавиши

Устройство для считывания штрихкода

Клавиши курсора


Функциональные клавиши

Графический планшет

Световое перо


Нажать кнопку мыши


Нажать правую кнопку мыши

Сенсорная панель

Сенсорный экран

Система распознавания речи

2. Look at the picture. Which input device would you use for these tasks?

to play computer games


to copy images from paper into a computer

Barcodereader, Webcam

to read price labels in a shop


to select text and click on links on web pages


to enter drawings and sketches into a computer

Graphics tablet

to input voice commands and dictate text

Microhone keyboard

to draw pictures or select menu options directly on the screen

Mouse lighpen

to take and store pictures and then download them to a computer

Digital camera

3. Complete each sentence by choosing from the following devices: touch screen, trackball, touchpad, webcam.

1. A webcam is a stationary device that works like a mouse turned upside down. You roll the ball with your hand to move the pointer on the screen.
2. Interactive Touchscreen аге used in museums, information centers and Internet kiosks. You use your finger to point directly to objects on the screen.
3. A trackball is used to send live video images via the Internet.
4. A touchpad is found on notebook PCs. You use it by pressing the sensitive pad with a finger.

4. Read the text and complete this sentences with the correct ‘mouse action’.

The mouse
A mouse is a hand-held device that lets you move a pointer (or cursor) and select items on the screen. It has one or more buttons to communicate with the PC. A scroll wheel lets you move through your documents or web pages The pointer looks like an I-bar, an arrow or a pointing hand.
An optical mouse has an optical sensor instead of a ball underneath.
A cordless (wireless) mouse has no cable; it sends data via infrared signals or radio waves. Mouse actions:
■ to click, press and release the left button.
■ to double-click, press and release the left button twice.
■ to drag, hold down the button, move the pointer to a new place and then release the button.
■ to right-click, press and release the right button; this action displays a list of commands.

  1. To start a program or open a document you double-click on its icon - that is, you rapidly press and release the mouse button twice.

  2. If you want to select a menu option, you just click on the left button.

  3. If you want to find the commands for a particular text, image, etc., you have to drag on it.

  4. If you want to move an object, press the button and right-click the object to the desired location.

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