«Who is clever?» Өткізген: Фазыл. М айтқазы. А тексерген: Бақытжан. А көкшетау-2020 Who is clever?

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«Who is clever?»

Өткізген: Фазыл.М


Тексерген: Бақытжан.А


Who is clever?

Grade 5

The aims: use the game to test pupils ' knowledge gained in English lessons. Learn to listen, speak, write, and complete grammar tasks. Increasing interest in the subject of English.

* Development of understanding of the English language;

* Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a specific situation; expand your horizons; develop logical thinking; develop language, intellectual, and cognitive abilities;

* Ability to work in a team; increase interest in the English language; formation of a culture of communication.

Visual aids: placards, markers, a computer, an interactive board, pictures.

Ойын ережелері: Ойын 5 бөлімнен тұрады. Сынып 2 топқа бөлінеді.

  1. Таныстыру. (Introduction)

  2. Артық сөзді тап. (Circle the odd-one-out)

  3. Грамматикалық тапсырма орындау. (Grammar)

  4. Сурет салу, бояу.(colour the balls)

  5. Суреттерді табу және белгілеу.(Find and circle the words. Then write.)

  6. Қорытындылау. (summing-up)

We must choose our judges. (әділ қазыларды сайлау)

So, we begin.

1st group is _________________.

2nd group is ________________.

I-round: Organization moment. Introduction.

My name is _________.

II-round: Circle the odd word

1st group. Pencil-rubber-teddy-ruler


2nd group. Book-pen-sister-bag


III-round. Grammar.

1sttask. Look at the pictures and match.

2nd task. Write. Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.

IV-round. Find and circle the family words. Then write.

V-round. Puzzles

Our game finishes.

Dear guests, judges and teachers thank you for your attention.

Dear children, thank you for your participation.


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