Est your english. Тест №1 Прочитайте текст и ответьте на следующие за ним вопросы, выбрав единственно правильный

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English test

Выбрать правильную форму слова.

1.This is ... answer of all.

a)good b)better c)the best d)as good

2.When the boy came the pupils already ... their dictations.

a)finished b)were wishing c)had finished d)would finish

3.If I ... late I will not find him at home.

a)came early b)is coming c)come d)has come

4.I ... to a party yesterday.

a)am invited b)had been invited c)was invited d)would be invited

5.She told me ... near the water.

a)not go b)don’t go c)not to go d)didn’t go

6.After she ... at the hospital for two years, she decided to give up the job.

a)worked b)had worked c)had been working d)was working

7.I’ll wait until he ... his next novel.

a)is writing b)will write c)could write d)writes

8.Ann asked how much ... on foot last.

a)do you spend b)I spend c)I had spend d)I spent

9.You are ... woman in the world.

a)lovelier b)the loveliest c)more lovely d)the most lovely

10.Yhe sun ... in the east.

a)rose b)will rise c)rises d)is rising

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