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At the second stage, the lessons themselves were conducted directly. At the end of these lessons, all students were tested according to a developed test. In this case, I would like to note the following. Thanks to the use of video materials, in the E30 class the pace of the lesson was faster, the children were interested in working, they were happy to answer questions, and even if they were mistaken in the process, other participants in the process helped them to correct their mistakes. As for the work of students in grade E34, they were most often passive in the discussion of assignments. It was noticeable that some students simply looked in textbooks, others tried to work. But the pace of the lesson, compared with the E30 class, was lower. It was necessary to deviate several times from the lesson plan in order to include children in active work. This led to the fact that not all the planned material was mastered. And of course, at the end of the lesson, a test was conducted on the subject of the quality of learning. And in the second grade, it was noticeable that it was difficult for children to pass this test. While the first class without any difficulties with the test handled.

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