Контрольное задание №1

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Упражнение 4.
Подобрать предложения из раздела A, коррсспондируемые с предложениями из раздела B.
В пояснениях по каждой паре указать использованное время и залог.
1. These programmes have been broadcast since 1980.
2. New substances are being created now which never existed before.
3. A new type of computing equipment had been produced at our plant by the end of the year.
4. The new model of the device will be worked at in the plant laboratory.
5. Our institute trains specialists for the most important branches of modern engineering.
6. Lasers are now used for many scientific, medical and industrial purposes.
7. Lights and signals on the control panel show the electrical state of the computer.
8. These terms were agreed upon.
9. Due to the Sun people have immense supplies of energy.
10. There is a tube somewhere on the shelf.
a. This material is unaffected by solar radiation.
b. The international space programmes will be developed further in future.
c. Heating makes the molecules move faster.
d. Special attention has been paid to the problem of direct conversation of energy into electricity.
e. This road was built last year.
f. Japan holds the first place in computer-operated production technology.
g. A solid, or body, has three dimensions: length, breadth and thickness.
h. As there any water in the tube?
i. The automatic equipment is being installed in our shop.
j. Theoretical researches had been done before we began the experiments.

Упражнение 5.
Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на сказуемое с модальным глаголом или с эквивалентом модального глагола.

1. These phenomena must be distinguished carefully.

2. You needn't take all these measurements. We already know the volume of gas in this tube.
3. Every technical student is to study mathematics for some years.
4. The engineers will have to improve the accuracy of this machine-tool.
5. These machine-tools can produce parts with very high accuracy.

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