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Stages / Time

Teachers actions

Students actions



5Ws strategy
(Whole class activity)
10 min

Teacher begins the lesson and elicits the topic of the lesson by asking special questions.
What do you know about the invention of the Internet?
Who invented the Internet?

Students answer the teacher’s questions and define the topic of the lesson.

Formative assessment: Teacher will encourage students who attempt to answer.

Differentiation by levels: Students answer the questions which suit their levels. Some of the students may answer easier questions, while others may answer more difficult questions.

Teaching topical vocabulary
(Whole class activity)
20 min

Before giving the text to students, teacher introduces with the new words from the text.
Vocabulary Words

Take sth for granted-қалыпты нәрсе ретінде қабылдау
Go-to- бару
Tend to- бейім болу
Massive-ірі, көлемді
Be (known as)- ... ретінде танылу
Come up with sth- ойлап табу
Initial- бастапқы
Browser – браузер (шолғыш)
Calculate- есептеу
Add - қосу
Knight - сері
Services - қызмет

Students learn new words beforehand.

Jumbled paragraphs
(Group work)
30 min

Teacher divides text into several parts and mixes them up. Then mixed up paragraphs of the text will be given to students.
Read again and fill in gaps 1-10 with an appropriate word . Listen and read to check .

Students will find the correct order of paragraphs and get the main idea of the text by reading.
The Man Who Invented the Net
Nowadays , we take going online and searching the Net for granted . It has replaced the library as the go - to source of information and is the place where we shop , do business and communicate over social media . Yet we tend 1) …… forget that this is a fairly recent invention that appeared little more than a generation 2) ….. It also seems strange that we have one man to thank for the Net , a system so massive that we could 3)…… picture our lives without it . That man is Tim Berners - Lee .
Berners - Lee 4) …… born in London , England , on 8th June 1955. He studied physics at Oxford University and after graduation worked as an engineer and software writer . In 1980 , he started working for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research , more commonly known as CERN . It was at CERN that he first came up
5) ........ hypertext ' , a system that would allow users in a company to share information . Later, he would develop this idea to allow users to share information over computer networks worldwide . It was this system 6)….... would eventually become famous as the World Wide Web with the initials “www”. Berners - Lee went on to develop the first browser , and on 6th August , 1991 , the first website

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