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Нұсқау: «Сізге берілген бес жауап нұсқасындағы бір дұрыс жауапты таңдауға арналған тапсырмалар беріледі. Таңдаған жауапты жауап парағындағы берілген пәнге сәйкес орынға, дөңгелекшені толық бояу арқылы белгілеу қажет».

 1. Lasting all one’s life is called … .

A) priority

B) important

C) life-long

D) computerized

E) education

 2. Cинонимді табыңыз:


A) damage

B) share

C) destroy

D) divide

E) cut

 3. The right plural form:

A) mens

B) brother’s

C) cousins

D) childrens

E) woman

 4. The word with negative prefix:

A) regular

B) legal

C) impatient

D) official

E) important

 5. Please be quiet! My little sister … .

A) sleeping

B) will sleep

C) slept

D) is sleeping

E) sleeps

 6. She goes to bed … 10 p.m.

A) at

B) from

C) for

D) in

E) on

 7. Let me know if you … any help.

A) need

B) will need

C) doesn’t need

D) needs

E) wasn’t need

 8. The right word order:

A) I haven’t seen this film yet.

B) I yet haven’t seen this film.

C) I haven’t this film yet seen.

D) I this film haven’t seen yet.

E) I this film yet haven’t seen.

 9. The correct word order:

A) I bought  a cameranew yesterday.

B) Yesterday bought I a new camera.

C) I bought  a new camera yesterday.

D) I bought yesterday a new camera.

E) Ia new camera bought  yesterday.

10. Have you ever been a broad?

A) -Yes, last year was I in Germany.

B) -Yes, I  in Germany was last year.

C) -Yes, I was Germany in last year.

D) -Yes, I was in Germany last year.

E) -Yes, I in Germany last year was.

11. Are you going to the party tonight? -

A) -Yes, you are.

B) –No, I am not.

C) -Yes, she is.

D) - No, I wasn’t.

E) -No, you aren’t.

12. Берілген сөзге мағынасы қарама-қарсы сөзді көрсетіңіз.


A) full.

B) mean.

C) sudden.

D) lіmіted.

E) іmagіnary.

13. “Rich” сөзінің антонимін беріңіз:

A) Cosy

B) Weak

C) Poor

D) Greedy

E) Polite

14. The city is … than the country.

A) noisy

B) the most noisy

C) the noisiest

D) noisier

E) more noisy

15. The correct singular form:

A) head

B) arms

C) legs

D) hands

E) feet

16. Which is the right plural form?

A) holiday

B) photoes

C) maps

D) bookes

E) souvenires

17. Қажетті артикльді көрсетіңіз.

Here іs ... book you need.

A) -

B) any

C) the

D) some

E) a

18. Етістіктің дұрыс нұсқаcын табыңыз:

I … in the same class as Kate last year.

A) be

B) was

C) are

D) were

E) is

19. Артикльдің дұрыс нұсқасын қойыңыз:

It is … Lesson Ten.

A) a

B) -

C) an

D) the

E) am

20. Сын есімнің шырайларының дұрыс нұсқасы.

My … sister doesn’t live with us.

A) old

B) older

C) more older

D) elder

E) eld

21. Дұрыс жауап:

Good health is ... than money.

A) more important

B) importanter

C) the most important

D) the more important

E) most important

22. Is this Carol’s T-shirt? -  No, it isn’t …  . It is … .

A) her / my

B) her / mine

C) hers / mine

D) hers / my

E) her / your

23. Дұрыс құрылған сөйлем.

A) This is my friend flat.

B) This is my friend’s flat.

C) This is my friends flat.

D) This is my flats friend.

E) This is my flat’s friend.

24. … open the window if you … cold.

A) Won’t / won’t

B) Doesn’t / weren’t

C) Don’t / are

D) Don’t / don’t

E) Will / will be

25. If I … you, I …less sweets.

A) would / would

B) was / eat

C) are / don’t eat

D) were / would eat

E) is / won’t eat

Нұсқау: «Сізге бір немесе бірнеше дұрыс жауабы бар тапсырмалар беріледі. Таңдаған жауапты жауап парағындағы берілген пәнге сәйкес орынға, дөңгелекшені толық бояу арқылы белгілеу қажет».

26. «Does he like his job?», she wondered.

A) She wondered if she likes his job.

B) She wondered if she would like his job.

C) She wondered if he like his job.

D) She wondered if she did liked her job.

E) She wondered if he likes his job.

F) She wondered if he liked his job.

G) She wondered if he had liked his job.

H) She wondered whether he liked his job.

27. Used to дұрыс қолданылған сөйлемдер:

A) She used her new pencils.

B) I didn’t use your ticket.

C) She used to play computer games a lot.

D) Alina never uses cosmetics.

E) Bob always uses glasses.

F) My mother used Italian trades.

G) We used to write SMS to each other.

H) I didn’t use to like sweets.

28. Дұрыс дәлелдемелі сөйлемдер:

A) Baursaki was served with large pieces of rolled dough.

B) The Russians prepare very tasty kuyrdak.

C) The traditional Kazakhstan food includes mutton and horse-beef.

D) The Kazakhs prepare very tasty kuyrdak.

E) The traditional Kazakh dish is pelmeni.

F) The traditional Kazakh dish is plov.

G) Beshparmak is served with large pieces of rolled dough.

H) The French prepare very tasty kuyrdak.

29. Белгісіздік есімдіктер дұрыс қолданылған сөйлемдер:

A) Don’t buy some rice! We have some.

B) I’m thirsty. Can I have some water, please?

C) There isn’t some sugar on the table.

D) I’m thirsty. Can I have any water, please?

E) I want to colour my hair. Is there any colouring?

F) Are there some good museums in your town?

G) They didn’t have some grapes in the market.

H) I need some post stamps.

30. Приставкалары бар сөздер:

A) confide

B) understanding

C) disadvantage

D) discussion

E) cooperation

F) common

G) unusual

H) collection

31. The levels of the system of education in Kazakhstan.

A) primary schools

B) schools

C) private schools

D) state schools

E) boarding schools

F) tertiary institutions

G) secondary schools

H) religious schools

32. Which fractions are not correct?

A) two fourths

B) one sevenths

C) one fifth

D) one second

E) one eighths

F) one third

G) five seventh

H) three fifths

33. Сөйлемнің дұрыс жалғасы.

London is famous for its historic buildings as …

A) Washington monument

B) the cinemas

C) Duman

D) theatre

E) St. Paul’s Cathedral

F) the Statue of Liberty

G) the Houses of Parliament

H) Walt Disney

34. Participle II бар сөйлемдер:

A) I enjoy sitting with the baby.

B) Studying in NY is very prestigious.

C) I didn’t like the shown pictures.

D) Why did he go on behaving this way?

E) I’m waiting for an answer.

F) The applied letter was registered at last.

G) The doctor didn’t want to answer the asked questions.

H) You should avoid  eating too much sugary food.

35. They’ve known each other … .

A) since 2008

B) tenyears

C) for three o’clock

D) a week

E) for three months

F) since two hours

G) last two hours

H) since childhood

36. Fifteen and seventeen is ...

A) twenty two

B) 32

C) twenty four

D) fifty five

E) thirty two

F) thirty one

G) seventy two

H) 44

37. Сөйлемді төлеу сөздің сұрағымен толықтыр

I asked her … … … … and she said her name was Maral.

A) what her book was

B) what her friend was

C) what her mother was

D) what her surname was

E) what her home was

F) what her name was

G) what her sister was

H) what her visit was

38. Name three parts of London:

A) The Buckingham Palace

B) The City

C) Downing Street

D) Westminster Abbey

E) Trafalgar Square

F) The Tower bridge

G) The West End

H) The East End

39. Compulsory education in the USA begins at the age of five when children go to … school.

A) kindergarten

B) junior

C) higher

D) primary

E) compulsory

F) elementary

G) nursery

H) high

40. Мәтінді оқып, сәйкес жауапты таңдаңыз:

Most people were not impressed when in 1913 the Daily Mail newspaper offered 10.000 pounds to the first pilot to fly across the Atlántico under 72 hours. The majority of scientists even said it could not be done. Certainly the problems involved were many and far ranging. Obviously the design of the aero plane was of great importance, but so too were the skill and courage of the pilot and the navigator; weather conditions also had to be taken into consideration.  A very few enthusiasts thought it might be possible ten years later.  They were wrong. A pilot received the prize just six years later.

The passage point out that…

A) The 10.000 pounds prize was offered ten years later.

B) There were few aero planes that could stay in the air for more than 72 hours.

C) Many factors had to be considered.

D) The majority of scientists thought it could be done.

E) The 10.000 pounds prize was offered by the Daily Mail in 1913.

F) Many enthusiastic amateurs were eager to try.

G) The Daily Mail was impressed by the courage of the pilot.

H) The prize of £100.000 was not worth.




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