Іү тоқсан Тоқсандық жиынтық бағалау (тжб)

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Тоқсандық жиынтық бағалау (ТЖБ)

1 – тапсырма: Present Continuous болымды түріне қойыңдар

  1. I am ___ now (run)

  2. She is ___ (cry)

  3. Dog is___ (bark)

  4. My wife is ___ the dinner (make)

  5. He is ___ on the chair (sit)

2 – тапсырма: Сөйлемдегі сөздерді ретімен орналастырып Present Simple болымсыз түріне қойыңдар

  1. football / play / he

  2. Irina / trousers / wear

  3. rain / it

  4. cook / we / breakfast

  5. I / drink / coffee

3 – тапсырма: Мәтінді аударыңдар

I like ice cream

I love ice cream! It’s the most popular dessert in the world. I like all sorts of ice cream, but my favourite flavour is Mango Sorbet. Someone may say that this is not real ice cream, but it is like paradise.

It is really good when it is a hot summer day and you want to cool off with some cold ice cream.
I know some people in my school entirely hate it because it’s too sweet or gives you a tooth freeze.
Ice cream can release dopamine and that is the happy hormone. Therefore it makes me very happy when I eat ice cream.

Ice cream is my favourite food because it is so delicious and comes in many flavours to suit anyone.

Ice cream is the best! I like pizza, roast chicken, cakes, chocolate but nothing beats ice cream!
I scream for ice cream!

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