Вопросы: What did Mark Twain's friend do when it was his turn to make a speech?

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Test 20
I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.
Mark Twain and a friend of his went abroad on the same ship. Once they were both invited to a dinner. And they were to make speeches. Mark Twain was the first to speak. He spoke for twenty minutes and was a great success. Then if was his friend's turn. He rose and said, "Before this dinner Mark Twain and I agreed to pronounce each oth¬er's speeches. He has just pronounced my speech. And I thank you for your kind appreciation of my speech. I'm sorry to say that I have lost the notes of his speech and can't remember what he was to say." Then he sat down and the guests burst out laughing.
1. What did Mark Twain's friend do when it was his turn to make a speech?
2. Did the guests understand what Mark Twain's friend had done?
II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.
Mark Twain spoke for twenty minutes.
III. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную глагольную форму.
Everybody (1 — know) today what hot dogs (2 — be). Hot dogs (3 — be) popular for a long time. The first ones (4 — sell) by street vendors in the 19th century. They not (5 — know) then, of course, that they (6 — be) hot dogs. They (7 — be) just a sausage in a bun.
In the 1930s Harry Stevens (8 — start) to sell sausages in (9 — heat) buns, (10 — add) mustard and relish. He (11 — think) they (12 — be) very funny.
A famous sports cartoonist, who (13 — call) himself Ted, also (14 — think) they (15 — look) funny and (16 — draw) a picture of a dog in a bun. Ted (17— be) very good at (18 — draw). He (19 — name) the sausages "hot dogs," and the name soon (20 —become) very popular. But there (21 — be) a problem. Makers of sausages (22 — think) people (23 — think) they (24 — make) of dog meat and therefore not (25 — eat) them. So for some time "hot dogs" not (26 — use) in advertisements.
But hot dogs (27 — survive) this. Soon Nathan's restaurant in New York (28 — put) hot dogs on their menu. They (29 — be) a great success and (30 — become) famous in the whole of New York.
They (31 — be) still popular in many different places, they can (32 — buy) in parks, fast-food restaurants and cafeterias.
Since the time they first (33 — appear) hot dogs (34 — become) favourite food of those who (35 — camp) out or (36 — need) fast food for other reasons, though most people not (37 — know) why they (38 — call) hot dogs or who (39 — give) them that name.
IV. Выберите правильный ответ.
1. The news ... so pleasant, that she couldn't help smiling.
a) is, b) was, c) are, d) were.
2. What ... awful weather we're having today.
a) — , b) a, c) an, d) the.
3. Do you know what ... , I can't remember it.
a) is his name, b) his name is, c) was his name, d) his name was.
4. Your father's sister is your ... .
a) niece, b) cousin, c) aunt, d) granny.
5. ... we went we saw the same posters.
a) Somewhere, b) Anywhere, c) Nowhere, d) Everywhere.
6. Their house is ... to the school.
a) near, b) nearly, c) close, d) closely.
7. She felt somebody ... her by the shoulder and turned round.
a) touch, b) to touch, c) touched, d) have touched.
8. Have you had your lunch ... ? — No, I'm going to do it now.
a) already, b) still, c) just, d) yet.
9. She left the room and shut the door behind ... .
a) her, b) herself, c) by herself, d) for herself.
10. The tea was ... hot for me to drink.
a) quite, b) enough, c) top, d) at all.
11. He is not ... in politics.
a) interest, b) interests, c) interesting, d) interested.
12. Don't worry, your luggage will be looked ... .
a) after, b) over, c) at, d) upon.
13. My sister enjoys ....
a) dance, b) to dance, c) dancing, d) danced.
14. The typist is away, these papers can't ... now.
a) type, b) to type, c) have typed, d) be typed.
15. My father is 3 years ... than my mother.
a) old, b) older, c) oldest, d) elder.
16. ... does she look like? — She's young and pretty.
a) What, b) Who, c) How, d) How old.
17. I don't remember when I went to the cinema ... .
a) last time, b) for the last time, c) last, d) at last.
18. I'll call the taxi as soon as the things ... .
a) were packed, b) have been packed, c) will be packed, d) packed.
19. He said he ... in Moscow all his life.
a) lives, b) lived, c) has lived, d) had lived.
20. We wondered when our documents ... ready.
a) will be, b) would be, c) are, d) were.
V. Переведите на английский язык.
1. К этому времени все уже уйдут.
2. Он сказал, что сможет дать ответ только завтра.
3. Мы изучаем английский язык со второго класса.
4. Вряд ли они успеют на этот поезд.
5. Сколько еще страниц тебе надо перевести?
VI. Выберите правильный ответ.
1. St. Valentine's Day is observed in ... .
a) February, b) May, c) November, d) December.
2. In England "public school" means ....
a) state-financed school, b) private school, c) comprehensive school, d) religious school.
3. When it is 12 o'clock in Moscow in London it is ... .
a) 6 o'clock, b) 7 o'clock, c) 8 o'clock, d) 9 o'clock.
4. In Britain people's weight is measured in ... .
a) tons, b) kilos, c) stones and pounds, d) pints.
5. Santa Barbara is in ... .
a) California, b) Florida, c) Arizona, d) Texas.

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