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1 ресурс ӘНХ 2021-2022 (1)
ЭССЕ Юсупов Рустем Орынбаевич

Holidays (International holidays should be excluded, as children have no idea what foreign holiday are and
how they are celebrated, also discussion of surveys and graphs)

Unsere Heimat - Kasachstan. Reise durch Kasachstan

Les matières scolaires et les objets scolaires

Family and friends

Traditionen und Folklore

Arbre généologique

The world of work (too early to
discuss graphs)

Ökologie und

La langue et la culture

6 сынып

Helping and Heroes (the topics are not interconnected)
Around the house

Die Erde – unser Haus

La vie scolaire

Our countryside (asking about places in the town) – not all learners have strong orientation skills; not all have good imagination)
My neighbourhood

Kasachische und deutsche Kultur

Les passe-temps

Drama and theatre (too early to write a review)
My favourite movie

Gesunde Lebensweise

Les fêtes et les repas

7 сынып

Communication and technology (Writing an E-mail)
Electronic devices

Persönlichkeiten meiner Region

L’histoire de mon pays

The lost world – should be removed from learning the topic
(the context is not properly given, two extracts are not connected with anything, main text is given in a track)
Natural disasters

Musik und Literatur

La ville et le village

Space and Earth
(not connected with other subjects, do not know astronomy)
Planets in the Universe

Beruf der Zukunft

La mode et le vêtement

8 сынып

Action and Protest
(Writing e-mails, freegans, vocabulary is not applicable to everyday usage and life)
Call to Action

Innovationen in der Welt Erfindungen, die die Welt verändert haben

Les masse-média,les réseaux sociaux

Television (too complex terminology, too specific)
Internet technologies

Zeit der Friedenstiftung

L’héritage culturel

Future of food (too scientific, impossible to use in everyday life) National Cuisine / Cuisine of
different countries

Der Mensch und sein Können

Temps de la paix et de la création

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