Олимпиада. Школьный этап. 11 класс Read the text and answer the questions. Total-5 points

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Олимпиада. Школьный этап.

11 класс

  1. Read the text and answer the questions.Total-5 points.

Music of nomads.

The life of nomads was always accompanied by music. They were creative people and used every material in making musical instruments. There was enough of such material in steppe – reed, wood, leather. Also bones of animals, cattle’s horns and hoofs, simple clay were used. Among the folk musical instruments which were especially popular dombra, kobys, sybyzgy, syrnai should be named. The music is divided into songs and instrumental one (kyuis). The kyuis usually accompanied the beginning of the meetings of the kins heads. The shepherds accompanied herds of sheep performing kyuis on sybyzgy (a kind of wind-instruments, like a flute).

The songs sounded in campaigns, at weddings and parties of young people. Akyns performed songs to the accompaniment of a two-string dombra.

People added honorable prefixes “sal” and “sere” to the names of the most popular authors. One of the famous musicians of the XIX century was Kurmangazy Sagyrbayev (1818-1889). A famous composer, founder of the national instrumental music, he was characterized by his unique, bright, creative play on dombra.

  1. What kind of material did nomads use in making musical instruments?

    1. unusual

    2. creative

    3. expensive

    4. every

  1. What did the kyuis usually accompany?

  1. the meetings of the kins heads

  2. the meetings of people

  3. the meetings of teachers

  4. the meetings of students

  1. Why did people add prefixes “sal” and “sere” to the names of akyns?

  1. If the authors were very popular

  2. If the authors were not very popular

  3. If the authors were lonely

  4. If the authors were married

  1. Kazakh folk musical instruments are

  1. syrnai, kobys, violin, dombra

  2. kobys, domra, syrnai, sybyzgy

  3. sybyzgy, dombra, syrnai, kobys

  4. dombra, syrnai, balalaika, sybyzgy

  1. Kurmangazy Sagyrbayev was…

  1. a famous musician, he was known by his unique play on kobys

  2. a famous composer, he was known by his unique play on dombra

  3. a founder of the national instrumental music, he was known by his creative play on syrnai

  4. a founder of the national instrumental music, he was known by his bright play on sybyzgy

  1. Open the brackets using the correct forms of the verbs. Total-20 points.

1. The buzzing of the bees among flowers in summer _____ ( be) a pleasant sound.

2. My parents __________ (watch) TV at 8. yesterday.

3. The phone __________________ (answer) by a young girl.

4. In England the traffic ________ (to keep) to the left.

5. _________ (I / buy) that camera if ________ (it / not / cost) too much.

6. If __________ (you / run) very fast, ___________ (you catch) the bus.

7. One day an old lady ________ (happen) to be passing by a lunatic asylum.

8. The meat must be nearly ready. I _____ (cook) it for nearly an hour.

9. My brother is an actor. He ______ (appear) in several films.

10. It still (rain) when I came in.

  1. Test.Total-20 points.

  1. Choose the words, according to the transcription [ə]

    1. mirror, burn, actor

    2. afraid, mirror, father

    3. father, mother, start

    4. mirror, jam, fact

  1. Choose the words, according to the transcription [Λ]

    1. trust, son

    2. tulip, run

    3. job, love

    4. what, rock

  1. Choose the personal pronoun:

    1. my

    2. these

    3. he

    4. her

  1. Choose the reflexive pronoun

    1. my

    2. myself

    3. mine

    4. me

  1. Choose “to have” in Present Simple

    1. will have, would have

    2. had, was having

    3. being have, is having

    4. have, has

  1. Which word has mistakes in plural form

    1. children

    2. men

    3. gooses

    4. keys

  2. Choose the noun in plural form

    1. oxen

    2. man

    3. tooth

    4. mouse

  1. Choose the sentence in possessive case

    1. He’s in the garden

    2. She’s a nice girl

    3. My son’s questions

    4. It’s lying under the chair.

  1. Choose the sentences with definite article

    1. Suddenly …cloud grew darker.

    2. This is ... large room

    3. We decided to visit … Madrid.

    4. They live in...old house

  1. Choose the sentence with indefinite article

    1. Our classes are in… evening

    2. Shе is ...waiter

    3. … United States of America is far away from us.

    4. My favorite writer is ... Jack London.

  1. Choose the ordinal numeral

    1. twenty one

    2. thirteen

    3. third

    4. twelve

  1. Choose the sentences in Present Simple (3)

    1. Where … your sister … yesterday?

    2. I … apples every day

    3. I … my last week-end with my friends

    4. Lena ... English lessons tomorrow

  1. Choose the expression with fixed preposition

    1. on a shelf

    2. during the lesson

    3. in summer

    4. under the table

  1. Choose the sentence in Future Simple

    1. Student (to write) a test now.

    2. I (to spend) my last week-end with my friends.

    3. She always (to have) at her English

    4. He (to be) out yesterday.

  1. Choose the adjectives with suffix -er in comparative degree

    1. bad

    2. beautiful

    3. firm

    4. interesting

  1. Вставьте правильную форму глагола: Look out! You … to hit the child!

    1. going

    2. are go

    3. will

    4. are going

  1. Ask a disjunctive question to the sentence “He is an intelligent person”:

    1. Is he an intelligent person?

    2. Is he an intelligent or a stupid person?

    3. He is an intelligent person, isn’t he?

    4. He is an intelligent person, doesn’t he?

  1. Full the proverb: Wear the old coat …

    1. and buy new boots.

    2. and buy the new books.

    3. than never.

    4. and have a pleasure.

  2. Choose the right variant: He asked her….

    1. why she had bought a new car

    2. why did she buy a new car

    3. why she did bought a new car

    4. why had she bought a new car

  1. Make an indirect speech: John said: “They are getting married next month.”

    1. John said they are getting married next month.

    2. John said they had been married next month.

    3. John said they were getting married next month.

    4. John said they have been getting married next month.

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