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Упражнение 1.
Поставьте глагол в правильную форму в страдательном залоге.

1. Chinese / speak / in Singapore.

2. The Taj Mahal / build / around 1640.
3. The new hospital / open / next year.
4. She / interview / now.
5. I realised I / follow.
6. / You invite / to Andy Cindy's party?
7. He found that all his money / steal.
8. When / invent / the telephone?
9. You / suppose / to report it to the police as soon as possible.
10. All the pictures you see here / paint / by one artist.
Упражнение 2.
Выберите сказуемое в предложении, определите его время и залог.

1. We use polymers for different purposes.

2. Polymers are used for different purposes.
3. These shops (цеха) were built last year.
4. The machine-tool measures its production itself.
5. The part is measured with great accuracy.
Упражнение 3.
Найдите и назовите в первом ряду глаголы, относящиеся к группе Continuous, во втором - к группе Perfect, в третьем - к группе Perfect Continuous и в четвертом ряду - к группе Simple.
1. was taken
2. will take
3. are being taken
4. has been taken
5. took
6. am taking
7. had taken
8. were taking
1. shall enjoy
2. had enjoyed
3. shall have been enjoyed
4. was being enjoyed
5. will have enjoyed
6. enjoy
7. has been enjoying
8. is enjoying
1. have been gone
2. are going
3. goes
4. will have gone
5. has gone
6. will have been going
7. were going
8. had been going
1. was helping
2. have helped
3. helps
4. was been helped
5. is helped
6. had been helped
7. has been helping
8. shall be helped
Упражнение 4.
Подобрать предложения из раздела A, корреспондируемые предложениями из раздела B. В пояснениях по каждой паре указать использованное время залог.
1. She's been away on business since last week.
2. Metal expand when heated.
3. The loop returns to the boiler for reheating.
4. A heat exchanger is for exchanging heat.
5. Water is heated by gas burners.
6. A grass box is used to store the clippings.
7. Respirators should be worn in dusty conditions.
8. The discovery of the electron was followed by investigation of its properties.
9. This building will be completed very soon.
10. Plastics can lie softened and moulded into useful articles.
a. I haven't seen him for several years.
b. The Central Hunk raised / lowered interest rates by a quarter of one percent (0,25%).
c. The impeller is rotated to achieve airflow.
d. Safety helmets should be used where there is a danger of falling objects.
e. The rate of the reactions was influenced by many factors.
f. The experiments will be completed by the end of the week
g. Gold water from the radiators returns to the boiler.
h. Plastics can be moulded into plates, car components, and medical aids.
i. A hover mower is for cutting grass.
j. The hot water is pumped through a diverter value.

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