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Solid state storage is portable, provides fast access to data, and uses very little power, so it is an ideal solution for storing data on mobile devices and transporting data from one device to another. It is widely used in portable consumer devices, such as digital cameras, MP3 music players, notebook computers, PDAs, and cell phones. A USB flash drive is a portable storage device. It is durable and requires no card reader, making it easily transportable from one computer to another. You can open, edit, delete, and run files stored on a USB flash drive just as though those files were stored on your computer’s hard disk.

Comprehension check. Choose the ending for each sentence from the two versions given.

1. A storage device is the mechanical apparatus

a) that hovers over the surface to read data.

b) that records and retrieves data from a storage medium.

2. After data is processed, it is held temporarily in RAM,

a) you should still handle and transport them with care.

b) but it is usually copied to a storage medium for more permanent safekeeping.

3. Before data is stored,

a) particles on the surface of the disk are scattered in random patterns.

b) dark spots in the dye that are read as pits.

4. Hard disk, floppy disk, and tape storage technologies can be classified as magnetic storage,

a) making it easily transportable from one computer to another.

b) which stores data by magnetizing microscopic particles on the disk or tape surface.

5. The surface of an optical disk is coated with clear plastic,

a) which damages some of the data on the disk.

b) making the disk less susceptible to environmental damage than data recorded on magnetic media.

6. An optical disk, such as a CD, is not susceptible to magnets, dust, humidity,

a) and transfers data from a disk to RAM before it is actually processed.

b) and its useful life is estimated at more than 30 years.

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