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Speaking. Discuss the following questions.

1. What devices are used to get data into a computer?

2. What does a pointing device do?
3. What options are for output devices?
4. Which display technology produces the best image?
5. What printer technologies are most popular with personal computer users?
6. What are the operating characteristics of a printer?
7. How does a computer move data to and from peripheral devices?
8. What is an expansion slot? What is an expansion card used for?
9. What is an expansion port? What are other names for it?
10. Why do some peripheral devices include a disk or CD?

Critical Thinking. Read the article and express you opinion on the problem.

Computers and the Environment

According to a United Nations study, producing a computer is more materials-intensive than manufacturing an automobile. Extending the lifespan of your computer might be environmentally friendly, but keeping up with technology probably means replacing your computer every few years. When it is time to replace your computer, is there a way to do it in an environmentally safe way? In this world of rapidly changing technology, disposal of computers and other electronic equipment has created a new and growing waste stream. In the United States alone, almost eight printer cartridges are discarded every second. Landfills hold millions of tons toxic substances such as lead, cadmium and mercury.

Is it worth recycling obsolete computers? Then the question arises: Who pays? Should it be the taxpayer, the individual consumer, the retailer, or the computer manufacturer? Consumers buying computers in California, have to pay a recycling fee at the time of purchase. Maryland requires computer manufacturers to ante up an annual fee for electronic waste disposal. Some manufacturers provide their customers with a postage-paid shipping box so they can return the product for recycling. In Europe, legislation proposes to make manufacturers accept returns of their old equipment free of charge and take appropriate steps to recycle it.
Having no or vague laws, consumers are often confused about how to dispose of their unwanted computers, monitors, CDs, and ink cartridges.

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