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Муз онер, Педагогикадагы статистика сурактары, Педагогикадагы статистика сурактары, Лекция ЦС каз , Жүрінов Ғ., AZhK3324 Ақпараттық жүйелер құрылымы, Аннотация, Ташимбаева Ұлбосын 5.3, Ташимбаева Ұлбосын 5.3, Таубай.Б 5.4, Ташимбаева Ұлбосын 5.3, Ташимбаева Ұлбосын 5.3, оқу бағдарлама, Дефектология силлабус, Силлабус Мінез-құлық психологиясы
2 midterm questions

1. Innovations in teachers’ professional training (psychological and pedagogical aspects)

2. The challenge of Establishing the World class Universities

3 The new teacher - the researcher, the educator, the adviser, the head of projects

4 Foreign language in the modern life

5 Professional-meaningful qualities of a teacher

6 The role of foreign language in education and person’s progress

7 Preparation for pedagogical activity in our country and abroad 8 Establishment of contact in a class

9 Kazakhstan is on the way of integration into the world educational system

10 The basic tendencies of education development in Kazakhstan

11 Traditions and customs in different cultures

12 Multiculturalism and education

13 Education system in Britain

14 Education system in USA

15 Education system in Finland

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