The aim of the lesson (Сабақтың мақсаты): Educational aim

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«Бекітемін» Директордың оқу ісі

жөніндегі орынбасары: ____________Изтлеуова У.

Lesson № 11

Group 5-14

Data 15.09.16
The theme of the lesson. (Сабақтың тақырыбы) Kazakhstan is my motherland.

The aim of the lesson (Сабақтың мақсаты):

1. Educational aim ( Білімділігі)- to learn new words, to enlarge vocabulary, to understand grammar material.

2.Developing aim (Дамытушылығы)- to make sentences using new words, to make dialogues, act them at the lesson, to develop speaking, reading, and writing skills.

3. Bringing up (Тәрбиелігі) – to educate the sense of love and interest to learning English.

The type of the lesson (Сабақтың түрі)-grammatical, lexical, reading.

The method of the lesson (Сабақ әдісі)- commucative method, audio-lingual method.

Visual aids (Көрнекілігі)-cards, pictures, tables.

I. Organization moment ( Сабақтың барысы):

1. Greetings .(Амандасу).

Good morning students! How are you? Who is absent today? Who is on duty today? What is the day today? What date is it today? What is the weather like today?

2.Checking home work .(Уйге берілген тапсырманы тексеру).

Now let’s check your home work. What was your home work?

3. Revising previous lesson. (Өткен тапсырманы қайталау).

Let’s revise previous lesson. What was the theme of previous lesson.

II. Main part:

1.Introducing new theme. (Жаңа тақырыпты түсіндіру).

Kazakhstan is my motherland.
Kazakhstan is situated in the south of the Common wealth and occupies an area 2 700 000 square kilometers. It borders with the Chinese People’s Republic in the East, with Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Turmenistan in the south and Russia in the north and west. The deep landlocked position of Kazakhstan determines Kazakhstan’s climate.

Sharply continental and extremely droughty climate. Large rivers run to the Republic’s territory. These are the Irtish, Ural, Syrdarya, Ishim, Tobol, Ili and Chu. The republic’s fauna and flora are very rich.

The main branches of industry of republic are coal-mining, metallurgical, machine-building and chemical. Grain-farming and cattle-breeding are the main branches of agriculture. Kazakhstan is a great scientific and cultural centre. Kazakhstan intends to strengthen relations with all highly developed industrialized countries. Kazakhstan is a multinational state. Over 100 nationalities inhabiting Kazakhstan pursue the principles of peaceful coexistence and cooperation and show an example of good neighborhood and harmony in living with different nations. On the first of December 1991 the first President in the history of Kazakhstan was unanimously elected.

N.A. Nazarbayev became the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the 16th of December 1991 the Supreme Soviet declare the State conducting its own home and foreign policy. The Government is divided into three branches Legislative (the Parliament), executive (the President and Prime Minister) and Judical (the Supreme court, the Constitutional Court and the Highest Arbitration Court). The Parlament consists of two chambers: the Senate (upper chamber) and the Mazhilis (the Lower chamber). In August 1995 the new Constution was adopted. From November 15 1993 Kazakhstan has its own national currency. In October 1991 the first Kazakh spaceman, Hero of the Soviet Union Tohtar Aubakirov made his flight.

New words:

To occupy- белгілі бір орын алу

To border- шегара

Landlocked-құрғақшыл қоршау

To determine-анықтау

Sharply-қатты, кенет өзгеретін

Extremely-тым , аса

Grain-farming- бидай өсіру

Cattle-breeding-мал шаруашылығы

Intend-дәмелену, есте жүру

To strengthen-күшейту

Multinational-көп ұлтты

Pursue-көздеп жүру

Coexistence-бірге болу, тұру

Cooperation-бірігіп өмір сүру




To legislative-заңдылық


Judicial-заң жүзінде


2.Explaining new grammar material. (Жаңа грамматика тақырыбын түсіндіру)

Answer the questions:

1.Where Kazakhstan is situated?

2.What countries does it border with?

3.Tell me large rivers of Kazakhstan.

4.What are the main branches of industry?

5.How many nationalities are there in Kazakhstan?

6.Who became the first president of the Republic?

8.The Parliament consists of two chambers. What are they?

9.Who is the first Kazakh spaceman?
3.Working on the exercises. (Пысықтау).

Complete the sentences according to the text:

1.The deep ……………….. of Kazakhstan determines Kazakhstan’s climate.

2.The republic’s fauna and flora are ………………..

3.The main branches of industry of republic are ………, metallurgical, …………….. and …………...

4.Kazakhstan is a ……………. state. On the first of December 1991 the ……………….. in the history of Kazakhstan was unanimously elected.

5……………. became the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

6.August 1995 the new …………..was adopted.

7.From November 15 1993 Kazakhstan has its own national ………………

III. Conclusion. (Бекіту).

What did you learn today?

IV. Evaluation. (Бағалау).

All of you were very active at the lesson. Thank you for attention.

V. Giving home work.(Уйге тапсырма беру).

To learn by heart new words.

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