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Explain how words given in activity 4.1. are related to science and

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Английский язык - Технологии и инновации (1)

3.2. Explain how words given in activity 4.1. are related to science and 
4. Decide if these statements are true or false. Give the reasons for your 
1. There are thirty main groups of scientific studies. 
2. Scientists before the 19
century were known as curious, often eccentric 
3. A theory is considered to become a part of scientific knowledge if it has 
been tested experimentally and proved to be true. 
4. The word 
is derived from the Greek “scientia”, that means 
learn, to conduct research.
5. Scientists study a lot of subjects. 

5. Match the names of the scientists with their inventions. 
Outstanding Inventors 
Gottlieb Daimler 
(1834 – 1900)
This men was a great inventor, being fond of engi-
neering, astronomy, aeronautics, mathematics and 
more. His drawings include a number of various inven-
tions, the basics of which more or less can be found in 
different technologies today. He is considered to be the 
father of modern science. Some of his most important 
inventions include the hydraulic machine, the boat and 
design of a flying machine. 
This scientist is a representative of German intel-
lectuals, being an engineer, industrial designer and 
industrialist. He was the first to develop internal-
combustion engine and a pioneer in the field of auto-
mobile development. Daimler is the author of the first 
high-speed petrol engine and the world's first four-
wheel vehicle.
Thomas Edison 
(1847 – 1931)

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