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Английский язык - Технологии и инновации (1)

Alexander Gra-
ham Bell 
(1857 – 1922)
The famous German physicist is the one who dis-
covered the X-rays. This invention allowed the Ger-
man scientist to win the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 
He is the author of a large number of inventions
but the most well-known one is the electric bulb. 
Among other discoveries of this scientist there are 
telegraph devices, phonograph, carbon transmitter, 
direct current generator, universal electric motor, and 
Albert Einstein 
(1879 – 1955)
Sir Alexander 
(1881 – 1955)
During the experiments he carried out with the tele-
graph, he came up with the idea of the telephone. The 
inventor of one of the most popular devices today 
thought that the telephone was intruding, which is why 
he did not have one in his workplace.

One of the greatest scientists of the 20th century is 
the author of numerous inventions and theories that 
transformed a lot of concepts linked to space and 
time, with the most important discovery being the 
theory of relativity. Other discoveries include the 
photoelectric effect and the calculator.
Rudolf Christian 
Karl Diesel 
(1858 – last seen 
alive 1913)
Leonardo Da 
(1452 – 1519)
Being a mechanical engineer, this scientist man-
aged to discover the diesel engine. The German inven-
tor was also a well-known thermal engineer, a poly-
glot, an expert in arts, and a social theorist.

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