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английский для ИТ 1

Comprehension check. Indicate the paragraph where the following ideas are found in the text.

  1. When the drive is being used a small light indicator is on.

  2. Sound characteristics of different computers vary.

  3. This device is most suitable for controlling the position of the cursor.

  4. It’s a device to use Internet via a phone line.

  5. This system is represented by different interlinked input, output and storage


  1. There is a storage device that uses laser technology.

Vocabulary practice

1. In the text find the opposites to the given words.

internal rough unfasten secondary reduce successively

2. Put the letters in the following words into correct order.

peroayrtilm netmipqeu literesav hpelarepir afuteer beroadyk

3. Complete the following sentences choosing one out of the variants given.

1. Which of the following statements about hard disk is not true?

a) it stores data b) it’s not a peripheral
c) it’s a magnetic device d) it’s placed inside a computer
2. This storage format is used to store digital video or computer data.
a) a floppy disk b) CD c) a sound card d) DVD
3. What are the elements of a computer system?
a) disk drives b) a monitor
c) a central processor d) all of the above
4. These portable computers are ideal for mobile users. They are easy to carry and can be used outdoors without the need for an electrical outlet.
a) mainframes b) notebooks c) workstations d) servers
5. Which of the following functions can a floppy disk drive perform?
a) store data b) read data c) write data d) all of the above
6. This electronic device has a special pen and acts like an electronic piece of paper transferring images to the computer screen.
a) a laptop b) PDA c) a tablet computer d) a mainframe

4. Make three-word expressions connected with computing combining words from three lists: A, B and C. Then match each expression with the appropriate phrase.

A: central B: circuit C: disk

liquid video network
hard processing drive
main crystal unit
digital area display
local disk board

1. This computer network is located within a limited geographical area such as a small business or a university lab.

2. The part of a computer that controls all the other parts of the system.
3. An electronic device that is used to display information in many calculators and portable computers.
4. A central flat card used as a base on which electronic components are placed and then connected together by wires.
5. A type of volume used for storing movies.
6. A disk drive that passes data to or from the hard disk and the computer.

5. Transform the following sentences without any change in meaning. Use the prompts as they are given (words in brackets, parts of sentences).

1. The factory is equipped for computer controlled production.

The factory has … for … .
2. This is our system for storing client records (provides).

3. Only privileged users can access this information.

Only privileged users have … .
4. This device is primarily used to connect different peripherals (establish).
5. This device can perform a huge variety of functions.
The functions … greatly.
6. Almost any equipment that can be attached to a computer to enhance its functionality is called a peripheral (designates).

6. Fill in the gaps in the text.

Computers are grouped into categories, such as ___ computers, handhelds, mainframes, supercomputers, servers, workstations, and videogame ___. A ___computer is a type of microcomputer designed to ___ the needs of an individual while ___ are very expensive and used for very specific and complex ___.

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