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Английский язык - Технологии и инновации (1)

5. Answer the questions. 
1. What does science study?
2. How does technology use science(s)?
3. Does science or technology offer explanations to natural facts, processes? 
4. Why do people say that science and technology are connected?
5. What modern technologies do you know?
6. What in your opinion are the most important sciences nowadays? 


1. The president and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of 
the Aspen Institute gives an interview to the famous 
musician, actor and director, Jared Leto.
Use the link 
to watch 
the video and answer the questions. 
1. What is the important question to ask? 
2. What would it be weird to think of? 
3. List the possibilities that technology has. 
4. What did National Science Foundation and Pentagon find?
5. Name the reasons why people don’t make important inventions nowa-
6. What did Steve Jobs believe in? 
7. How do people differ from the machines? 
8. Why is the interaction between art and science important? What does this 
collaboration give? 
9. What opportunities should the technology give to the humanity? 
10. Does the divide between the wealthy and the poor decrease? 
11. Why does humankind still have conflicts? 
12. How can technology give human more empathy? 
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1. Introduce a new technology: 
Stage 1.
Work in groups. You all work for a company which develops 
technologies. Decide what branch of technology your company works in 

(look at the activity 6). You are going to take part in the meeting and discuss 
your invention. Then think of any piece of equipment and extra features you 
would add to it.
Stage 2. 
Discuss your invention, its features, advantages and disad-
vantages, and benefits from commercial point of view. 
Stage 3.
Present your invention. 
The following phrases may help you: 

What if we …? / Why don’t we …?

I think / feel that … / In my view …

Do we all agree on that? / Who’s in favour of this proposal?

I have some reservations / concerns about … / Actually, I don’t think 
that’s good idea. To be honest …

I’d like to point out that … 

What do you think? How do you see it? 


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