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Английский язык - Технологии и инновации (1)

6. Answer the questions. 
1. Do scientific developments create opportunities for satisfying needs and 
desires of the people and for making their life easier? 
2. What achievements of science do you use in your life? 
3. What technologies help you organize your study? 
4. How did technologies change over years? Have you witnessed any of the-
se changes? 

1. Youtube this link
and watch the interview with Andy Weir, bestselling 
author of the Martian. Then answer the questions. 
1. What, Andy Weir thinks, are the possible reasons to go to Mars?
2. How does the author suppose the colonization of Mars to look like?
3. When will humanity set its feet on Mars? 
4. He believes that NASA can get it done but there is a restraining factor. 
What is it? 
5. Is there life on Mars? Why does he think so? 
6. Will we be able to travel faster than light? 
7. What is difficult to comprehend for humans’ mind? 
8. What is the downside of technology? 
9. What keeps him up at night? 
10. What, he thinks, is the right question to ask

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1. Discuss in pairs what distinction between normal science and scientific 
revolution is

2. Work in groups. Think of the most important inventions of the whole 
time / last century / last 20 years. Give the reason why you consider 

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