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Татьянаб Ару — диплом
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Subject of the research: ethnolinguistic analysis of the sources of sacred numbers in different languages (English and Kazakh), the origin, motives for the formation of meanings, and the description of their national and cultural features in their meanings.The main purpose of the study is to determine the cognitive significance and ethnocultural nature of the use of numeral symbols in modern Kazakh and English languages.In accordance with the above-mentioned goals, the following tasks were set::
- identification and justification of theoretical and methodological principles that are relevant to the research work;
- demonstrate the relationship of cognitive linguistics with other sciences, the main principles of which are the unity of concepts;
- to show the concepts of quantitative concepts in Kazakh and English; to give an overview of research in the ethnolinguistic aspect and give a brief description of them from an ethno-cultural point of view;
- get acquainted with the information about sacred numbers in the National worldview, the importance of sacred numbers in the life of the people, their place in life, the history of the origin of numbers.
The theoretical and methodological basis of the work is research on the theory of nomination in general linguistics, Kazakh linguistics, word formation, conitive method and anthropocentric direction.
Theoretical significance of the research: this research work contributes to the comparative study of English and Kazakh languages. Also, the results and conclusions of the study can be used in the study of English and Kazakh languages, comparative linguistics.
Scientific novelty of the research work:
- study for the first time on a comparative basis of biblical numbers in languages with very distant ratios;
- in the course of studying the sacred numbers of the two languages, it was found that the two nations have differences and similarities in their own thinking and understanding.

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