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1. Use the right participle:

  1. Joe was playing football. He hurt his knee. Joe hurt his knee playing football.

  1. She finished her work. Then she went home. Having finished her work, she went home.

  1. I was watching television. I fell asleep.

  2. A friend of mine slipped and fell. He was getting off a bus. A friend of mine

  3. We bought our tickets. Then we went into the theatre.

  4. Laura was driving to work yesterday. She had an accident.

  5. After I had done the shopping, I went for a cup of coffee.

  6. They had dinner and then they continued their journey.

  7. I was walking home in the rain. I got very wet.

  8. I felt tired. So I went to bed early.

  9. I didn‟t know his phone number. So I wasn‟t able to contact him.

  10. We had spent nearly all our money. So we couldn‟t afford to stay at a hotel.

  11. A boy was injured in the accident. He was taken to hospital. The boy …. was taken to …. hospital .

  12. A house was damaged in the storm. It has now been repaired. The house ….haven‟t been found yet.

  13. Some painting were stolen from the museum. They haven‟t been found yet. The … haven‟t been found yet.

2. Use the right participle, - ing, or – ed.

  1. I was surprise __________ to see my boss there.

  2. It was surprise _________ to see him.

  3. I find this work very tir _____________ .

  4. It makes me tir_______ .

  5. Her exam results were disappoint _________ .

  6. She was pretty disappoint _________ .

  7. I was interest __________ in the lessons.

  8. Her lessons are always interest _________ .

  9. Do you ever get bor_________ at work. 10. My job‟s pretty bor__________ .


1. Choose the right participle: A … vase

  1. to breaking d) to break

  2. breaking e) to broken

  3. broken

2. Choose the right verb:

I went to see how she was and found her …. .

  1. laughed d) were laughing

  2. laughing e) laughs

  3. has been laughing 3. Choose the right participle: The …. day

  1. followed d) followed

  2. follow e) following

  3. following

4. Choose the right participle: A … guest

  1. to come d) has coming

  2. come e) came

  3. coming

5. Choose the right participle:

… people

  1. Being shouting d) Has Shouted

  2. Shouting e) Shout

  3. Shouted

6. Choose the right participle: She says she‟s got a … heart.

  1. breaking d) broken

  2. break e) breaks

  3. having break

7. Choose the right participle: A meat …. animal

  1. had eaten d) eating

  2. eat e) to eat

  3. is eaten

8. Choose the right participle:

“The … Beauty”

  1. Sleeped d) Having Slept

  2. Slepted e) Slpet

  3. Sleeping

9. Choose the right participle: A … dog.

  1. losing d) losed

  2. lost e) losting

  3. lose

10. Choose the right participle: He is well …. in the art world.

  1. have known d) knowing

  2. knew e) known

  3. know

11. Choose the right participle:

… … cake

  1. homing – made d) home-makes

  2. home-made e) homing-making

  3. home-making

12. … etiquette

  1. Speaking d) Spoken

  2. Spokening e) Spoking

  3. Speaked

13. Choose the right participle: A very … child.

  1. frighting d) frighten

  2. frightening e) frightending

  3. frightened

14. Choose the right participle:

a … cup

  1. washed d) washes

  2. washd e) wash

  3. washing

15. Choose the right variant Gerund or Participle?

Your dress wants cleaning

  1. Gerund d) Noun

  2. Participle e) Adverb

  3. Verb

    1. Choose the right variant Gerund or Participle? I have finished writing the dictation.

    1. Adjective d) Verb

    2. Gerund e) Noun

    3. Participle

    1. Choose the right variant Gerund or Participle?

Watching the animals in the Zoo was great fun for my sister.

    1. Gerund d) Adjective

    2. Verb e) Noun

    3. Adverb

    1. Choose the right variant Gerund or Participle? This is a picture painted by Joseph Turner.

    1. Participle d) Present Simple

    2. Verb e) Participle II

    3. Pronoun

    1. Choose the right variant Gerund or Participle?

Arriving at the station I decided to buy a ticket and wait for the train.

    1. Past Continuous d) Participle II

    2. Participle e) Present Simple

    3. Pronoun

    1. Choose the right variant Gerund or Participle? Having completed our work we went shopping.

    1. Participle II d) Past Continuous

    2. Present Simple e) Participle

    3. Gerund

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